Forms & Required Documents

At time of sentencing, Forms RC-1 through 4 must be completed for each Re-Entry Court participant.  Please select a title below to download and print each form.  See instructions and completion requirements listed below:

Forms and How to complete them:

  1. Form RC-1 - Re-Entry Court Eligibility Checklist
    Defense counsel or other person as may be directed by the Judge completes Checklists 1 and 2.
  2. Form RC-2 - Re-Entry Court Suitability Checklist
  3. Form RC-3 - Re-Entry Court Program Plea of Guilty and Waiver of Rights
    Defense counsel reviews “Plea of Guilty and Waiver of Rights Form” with defendant and obtains defendant’s initials and signature; defense counsel and sentencing judge’s signature.
  4. Form RC-4 - Client Contract for Participation in Re-Entry Court
    Defense counsel obtains defendant and Re-Entry Court Judge’s signature
  5. Form RC-5 - Sentencing Minute Entry
    The “Sentencing Minute Entry” details the recommended language be used by sentencing judge’s minute clerk for official court record