Eligibility and Participation Requirements

General Eligibility Rules and Criteria

  • Only offenders prosecuted in East Baton Rouge Parish are eligible to participate in the 19th JDC Re-Entry Court Program. 
  • The Sentencing Judge, the Re-Entry Court Judge, the District Attorney and defense counsel must agree to the offender’s participation in the Re-Entry Court Program.
  • Offenders must voluntarily agree to participate in the program and must have a potential sentence of not more than 7 to 10 years.
  • All offenders must be prescreened by the Chief of Litigation for the District Attorney’s office and Re-Entry officials at Louisiana State Penitentiary for men and Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women. 
  • Offenders cannot be convicted of a sex crime, crime of violence or be a habitual offender.
  • Any pending charges in any other jurisdiction must be resolved prior to sentencing.


Special Conditions for Participation

  • Offenders must agree to be placed under the jurisdiction of the Re-Entry Court after sentencing to participate in the Offender Rehabilitation and Workforce Development Program at Louisiana State Penitentiary or Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women.
  • Offenders must have a minimum of two (2) years to serve “in-custody.”
  • Prior to entering a guilty plea, offenders must submit to a drug test.
  •  At the time of the guilty plea, the offender must read, understand and execute a “Client Contract for Participation in Re-Entry Court."