Public Support Overview

The 19th Judicial District Court’s Re-Entry Program supports men and women sentenced to both Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola and Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women in Carville.  Men and women who participate in the re-entry program are provided specialized vocational and life skills training along with pre-release counseling over the course of their incarceration.  Prior to their release as returning citizens, assessments are conducted to see what resources each re-entrant is in need of in order to make their transition home a smooth and successful process.

The following re-entry partners, stakeholders and businesses have pledged their public support to collaborate with the 19th Judicial Re-Entry Court Program in the provision of information and referral services, employment and/or supportive services, transportation and housing benefits, mental and substance abuse services, spiritual development and other resources or services to support re-entrants pre-and post-prison release in support of the re-entry program:


  • Transition Team at Louisiana State Penitentiary 
  • Transition Team at Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women
  • Capital Area Re-Entry Program (CARP)
  • Gerry Lane Automotive Group
  • JS Automotive
  • Louisiana Workforce Development Business Services Unit
  • Capital Area Transportation Services (CATS)
  • AARP Foundation Senior Community Service Employment Program 

Financial Literacy:

  • Mid City Redevelopment Alliance
  • Bank on Baton Rouge Coalition


  • O’Brien House
  • Mid City Redevelopment Alliance
  • Turning Point Community Service Center
  • One Touch Ministry


Computer Training:

  • Mirror of Grace Outreach

Grants Consortium/Funding Collaborator:

  • Baton Rouge Community College

Advocacy/Legislative Services:

  • Louisiana Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (LA CURE)

Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections 

  • LA Division of Probation and Parole Services

Family Law and Other Legal Services

  • Louis A. Martinet Legal Society-Greater Baton Rouge Chapter
  • Louisiana Coalition Regarding the Legal Need of Re-entry Court Participants

Substance Abuse:

  • O’Brien House
  • GEO Re-Entry Services – A Baton Rouge Day Reporting Center
  • Louisiana Department of Health – Office of Behavioral Health
  • Residential Drug Abuse Program that is used by the Federal Bureau of Prisons Residential Drug Abuse Program Model [Taught by LSP offender mentors]

Mental Health:

  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) taught by the Louisiana State Penitentiary’s Mental Health Department


  • Capital Area Transportation Services (CATS)

Spiritual Development:

  • One Touch Ministry
  • Awana Life Prison Ministries
  • Kingdom of Heaven Ministries
  • Kingdom Echelon Ministries

Pubic Benefits:

  • Mirror of Grace Outreach (EBT Card Applications, Free Cell Phone Registration)