Re-Entrant DH

Posted:   July 07, 2016

Re-Entrant DH was arrested in 2012 on two charges of simple burglary and theft of a firearm.  At the time of arrest, offender was a 20 year old high school drop out having completed _____ grade.  Re-Entrant pled guilty to 1 count of simple burglary.  Charges on the second count of simple burglary and the theft of firearms were dismissed. 

After careful review of Re-Entrant DH’s background, Judge Trudy M. White, the district attorneys representative and LSP officials determined that the offender would benefit from participation in the Re-Entry Court and he was sentenced in 2014 to 10 years in  the Department of Corrections.  After initial assessment and evaluation offender was placed in the welding trade.  

To date, the Re-Entrant has completed all phases of life skills and vocational skills training programs.  The Re-Entrant has been challenged with completing the high school educational component. He is continuing to study for his GED, also known as HSET (High School Equivalency Test).  Provided Re-Entrant earns his high school diploma, he will be the first re-entrant to complete the 19th JDC Re-entry Court Program.  He is scheduled to exit Phase I of the Re-entry Court Program in January 2017.  

Employment opportunities in the welding industry are currently being researched by Re-entry Court staff to ensure that Re-Entrant DH will be gainfully employed upon his release. Housing and transportation partners, substance abuse treatment partners; and social and spiritual mentors have already been identified and agreed to assist offender EJ with transitioning. Re-Entrant EJ will remain on 5 years intensive probation upon release. 

 Following is an excerpt of a recent communication from the offender to the Re-entry Court staff:

“I want to thank you all.  Well I’m finished with my trade (welding) and also my life-skill classes.  The only situation is that I’m putting forth effort to receive my GED (Highset) and I haven’t received it yet.  It’s giving me a fight! Really been a tough battle…but I won’t give up, I promise.  Thanks to this program, I can admit that it made me a better person (man) today!"