Re-Entrant EJ

Posted:   July 07, 2016

Re-Entrant EJ was first arrested in early 2011 on a charge of theft of goods over $500.  He received probation. EJ reoffended in mid 2011 and was charged with bank fraud and burglary of an inhabited dwelling.  For these offenses he received probation to run concurrent with the previous offenses.  EJ reoffended again in early 2012 and was charged with burglary of an inhabited dwelling.  He was again allowed the opportunity to rehabilitate himself by being placed on probation to run consecutive to the previous charges. 

In early 2013 offender EJ was charged with burglary of an inhabited dwelling at which time he was remanded to the custody of EBR Parish Prison and had his probation on all previous charges permanently revoked.

At the time of his initial arrest, offender was 18 years old.  He was a high school graduate.  At the time of commission of his last offense in 2013 he had completed junior level courses in college and had been gainfully employed in the industrial plant industry.

As evidenced by his on-going criminal acts, Judge Trudy M. White determined that the offender had not embraced the numerous opportunities he was given for rehabilitation and to change his life for the better.  After careful review of offender EJ’s background, Judge White, the district attorneys representative and LSP officials determined that the offender would benefit from participation in the Re-entry Court.  Offender was given the opportunity to participate in the 19th JDC Re-entry Court Program through the Offender Rehabilitation Workforce Development Program at Angola. 

After initial assessment and evaluation offender EJ was placed in the Automotive Technology Program where he has excelled and passed all levels of accreditation required to date for successful completion of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (A.S.E.) Certification Program.  Re-Entrant EJ is is on-track to complete all educational, vocational, social and moral rehabilitation elements of the in-custody phase of the Re-entry Program and fulfill his 2 year minimum in custody commitment.  He is tentatively scheduled for release in March 2017. 

The Re-entry Court has already received a commitment from a local automotive dealership to hire Re-Entrant EJ as a certified auto mechanic upon release.  The average minimum yearly salary for entry level certified auto mechanics in the Baton Rouge market is $36,274 + per year. The Re-Entrant will have the opportunity to earn a “living wage” that will serve as a deterrent to engage in criminal activity for financial support.

Re-Entrant EJ will remain on 5 years intensive probation upon release.  The re-entry court staff will closely monitor him; provide him with the support (employment placement, housing, health care, transportation, mentorship and spiritual guidance) and resources that he needs to ensure his successful re-entry into society.